Once you’ve chosen to come to Curacao for a holiday and treatment in our facility, there is a specific procedure in place in order to guarantee a booking.

Step 1:
Apply using our downloadable bookings form, complete and fax to: (011) 5999 462 8174, only completed booking forms will be processed.

Step 2:
Prior to confirming your booking we require a Medical History sent to us by fax from you attending physician, this should also be faxed to: (011) 5999 462 8174.
This includes MRSA tests and Virology tests; these should not be older than one (1) month.

Step 3:
One of our Medical Doctors will APPROVE your booking based on the information your physician has forwarded to us

Step 4:
Once this process has been completed we will contact you, in order to confirm

Step 5:

We will also need information from your Center about your current treatments by the nurses and notes used in the past few weeks. It is important for us to know about your payment. We charge USD $ 533.70 per dialysis treatment and additional USD $ 95.00 doctor’s fee per treatment.



In the case you use medication other than Venofer, Recormon, Fraxiparine, please verify with us before you bring your own medication. You need to ask for a permission letter from your doctor to show to customs.

If you have questions about this procedure, you can contact us at: info@curacao-dialysis.com

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