Our team provides the highest quality of care which consists of Directors, Management, Internist/Nephrologists, Qualified Dialysis Nurses, Dialysis Technicians, General Office Staff and Housekeeping Staff. We are all here to serve you.

Our international and qualified team of specialists provides the best dialysis care for you. We invest in training for all our staff to be informed and trained in all new international guidelines and developments in the dialysis field. We have a perfect cooperation with the nearby St. Elizabeth General Hospital .

Caribbean Medic Healthcare Systems N.V is owned by Fresenius Medical Care (one of the largest European Medical Companies with over 2,840 Dialysis Centers worldwide).


Mr. Peter Heinen, Managing Director (CEO) of Caribbean Medic Healthcare Systems N.V.

Drs. Rauf Engels, Medical Director (CMO) of the Curaçao Dialysis Center.

Management Team

Glenn de Windt is General Manager of the Curaçao Dialysis Center. He received his Nursing training in 1976 at the St.Elisabeth hospital in Curacao followed by Middle Management Training at IFE Curacao, and Higher Management training in The Netherlands. He gained 36 years of experience in the health care and covered various positions within the St.Elisabeth hospital including nursing subhead in the emergency department, recording department head, coordinating head nursing department and deputy head. After that he was appointed as Operations Manager at the local Ambulance Service FKA (formerly CEMS). He is also in possession of specializations in the field of wound care and hyperbaric (pressure tank) therapy.

Karen Wever is Office Manager van het Curaçao Dialysis Center. She has an administrative/office management background and is responsible for the financial and personnel administration.

Medical Team

Drs. Rauf Engels is Medical Director of the Curacao Dialysis Center. He is also Head of Nephrology Department in St. Elizabeth General Hospital. Graduated Internal Medicine in Eindhoven , The Netherlands in 1982 and re-emigrate to Curacao.

Dr. Kenrick Berend
Was trained in internal medicine at University of Utrecht and graduated in 1989. Since then Dr. Berend was involved with the St. Elizabeth Hospital in Curaçao. From 1992 till the merge with St. Elizabeth General Hospital he was the Medical Director of Diatel, a private dialysis clinic.

Drs. Nouaf Ajubi Graduated Internal medicine and Nephrology from University Hospital St. Raboud in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Arrived in Curacao in 1998 as Coordinator of all Renal Transplants for Antillean patients, who are being transplanted in Amsterdam University Medical Center.

Dr. Willem Develter Graduated in 2004 from Gent University in Belgium where he worked with Prof N. Lameire. Also trained as Intensivist at Gent University.

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